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These animals either walk with a sentry, or patrol alone in an enclosed space. Their function is to apprehend and neutralize any human intruder. They do not stop biting when the suspect stops resisting; they stop only when the human stops MOVING. They are likely to be trained to go for the throat or genitals. Guard dogs are trained to kill and maim. A guard dog is so vicious that it will usually obey only a single handler. The only legitimate use of a guard dog is in wartime, or when guarding an area so sensitive that human intrusion could result in awesome public danger, such as a nuclear weapons facility. In the Intelligence of Dogs, Coren distinguishes among three kinds of "intelligence": instinctive skills and behavioral dispositions that are genetically programmed, adaptive learning, memory and problem solving, and working and obedience; and he discusses how a dog's individual personality influences the way in which his or her intelligences are expressed. With these distinctions in mind, Coren reports the results of his survey of 208 North American obedience competition judges, and his further consultation with 63 small animal veterinarians and 14 specialists in guard and protection dog training "11 experts in training dogs for property and personal protection and the remaining 3 dog trainers and dog masters associated with police forces" p. 134.

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Check the length of the contract and the terms. Confirm exactly what the contract covers. Are items such as moving the system covered?Warranties – Most Myrtle Beach home security companies offer warranties that cover repairs and/or replacement of the system. Confirm all warranty coverage information with the representative before signing the contract. Scalability – your life changes with the addition of new family members, the need to care for aging parents and other life events. Make sure you are able to easily upgrade or downgrade your system. Can you make changes without extensive complications?These are questions you need to consider regarding a new home security system. Then give us a call at 843 492 0874 to schedule a time to discuss your specific security needs. Or complete our contact form and we will call you. Keeping your family safe is our top priority. BCT Alarm Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality commercial and home security solutions in Ohio.