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By adding cameras, you will see who comes through the front door. With an interactive security system, you will know who unlocked the door, who armed the system and when your children come home. With an interactive home monitoring system with automation, you’ll never have walk into a dark home again. You’ll never again wonder if the front door was locked. Simply use your smart phone to turn on the lights or lock the door yourself. Low monitoring rates mean limited functionality.

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If you’ve chosen a self install company you are afforded the ability to review the contract without a representative hanging over your shoulder, but if you’ve chosen to have a technician come out you will likely have to do this in front of them. Regardless of how and where you are reading the contract, or what their representative may have told you, take your time and thoroughly review everything outlined. Make sure you pay particular attention to the contract term, cancellation policy, system test requirements, how your information will be used, rate increases, moving policy, and what happens at the end of the contract to name a few. You can reference our individual contract callouts on our company pages, or take a look at our Contracts: What to Look For article. Once you’ve signed its time for the system to be set up. After your order is complete, most DIY companies will preprogram your system then send it out to you via the shipping method you have chosen. When your system arrives, be sure to check its contents to confirm everything you ordered is there and to locate the quick setup guides. If you are missing any equipment or the setup guides be sure to reach out to your provider immediately. Additionally we have compiled the installation guides for several companies Most systems are simple enough to install that you should be able to set them up in about an hour with the provided installation guides. These manuals will walk you through placing your sensors, basic system controls, and the activation process. Additionally, if you should run into problems, many of these companies have support staff that will gladly walk you through the installation process.