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They are even tempered and extremely intelligent, but not immediately obedient, though sensitive: stern language is more effective than physical correction. For a big dog, they have a relatively small appetite except when a puppy. Though big and imposing. 95 to 105 lbs. is typical they are remarkably agile and like to play hard, especially when younger. Indoors, they are calm; outdoors, virtually inexhaustible. Grooming can consume most of a Saturday; twice weekly grooming is preferable. Health problems: common: hip dysplasia, entropion; not uncommon: laryngeal paralysis, myopathy; rare: glaucoma. Some suffer from hypothyroidism, but the breed is not noted for this problem. The biggest problem with Akitas is aggressiveness towards other dogs, though they tend not to act unless provoked. Like Rottweilers, they require a firm, but not harsh, hand.

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These are very rough figures. But dogs classified as carriers in this way can bleed more than dogs classified as affected there are other factors that will determine the severity of symptoms. Dr. Cohn also offered this additional information about Doberman health problems: The choice of a black female is a good one since blacks and reds have less skin disease, and females have much less cardiomyopathy. Dobermans and to an even greater extent, Rottweilers may not respond as well as other breeds to parvovirus vaccine, so it's a good idea to give them extra vaccinations later, e. g.