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A:A combination of vigilance and precaution could help you stay secure in California. Here is a list that could help:•Invest in an efficient and reliable home security system•Trim your hedges frequently. Do not give burglars a hiding spot. •Keep your doors and windows locked when you’re not around•Always know who lives next door. Join your local neighborhood watch•Avoid hiding spare keys outside. Anyone scouting your house will immediately know where you hide your spare keys Besides this, you should invest in an efficient home security system. Being careful is good, but being careful does not make you entirely secure. Precaution and vigilance combined are your best solution to staying secure in California. A:Being a California resident, you will need a home security system that not only protects your home and family but also provides you other benefits such as the following:•360 Degree Coverage: There are many parts of your house that could be vulnerable, such as basements and the garage. Home security devices should give you the option of covering all such areas•Saves Money: Living costs in California are high, especially in big cities such as San Francisco. Installation of a home security system may lower your insurance premiums.

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There are times, however, when burglary does involve a break in, and this can be even more devastating. Where I live, these crimes are often perpetrated by people who are addicted to hard drugs. The figures in the article said that the average burglary costs $1,675, which seems like a low number in many instances. I think that that number most definitely includes damages to the home made by breaking and entering. Drug related crimes tend to do more damage than they are worth: For instance, a $2,000 Mahogany door will be broken and the frame jammed and destroyed, just so that the perpetrators can get away with an iPod and $500 of DVDs. This alone is reason enough to take extra security precautions.